Midnight Black Mask

Double layer of  100% ultra-fine 180gsm Merino fabric.  This breathable fabric will reduce the build-up of moisture which is common in other masks. 

It's lightweight and easy to carry in your pocket for when required.

Soft elastic for around your ears, no ugly ties or elastic around the back of your head.  Perfect for office wear and long hair.

Designed for comfort, our masks will give you years of wear.  

Merino is Naturally:

  • Antimicrobial, bacteria inhibiting due to its fibre properties.
  • Temperature regulating.
  • Great for skin health, including scientifically proven to be effective on Eczema. 
  • Plastic Free.  Mask is made of 100% merino fabric,  its 100% plastic-free.
  • Compostable.  Just remove elastic and will naturally return its nutrients back to the soil for the next generation. 

Easy Care:  Hand wash using liquid wool detergent, wash and rinse in cold water. Machine cold wash on delicate cycle, using a liquid wool detergent. DO NOT Tumble Dry.

One size fits most.

Made in New Zealand

Disclaimer: Continue to follow the COVID 19 requirements of handwashing etc. These masks are not medical devices, they are designed to protect you and those around you by reducing the chances of exposure of droplets that naturally occur while breathing and talking, as well as coughing and sneezing.

As this product is hygiene-related, we cannot accept returns or exchanges.

Please be aware that while every care is taken for photo colour accuracy, different screens and monitors display slightly differently.

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